A Business Model That Works

The Cappuccino Xpress coffee van franchise system works. We have happy and lucrative franchisees in areas across Australia and are actively recruiting more. The benefits of working with Cappuccino Xpress are numerous and include exclusive defined territories, a powerful network of buyers, shared ideas, high quality business and marketing expertise, business support and a highly efficient stock supply system, that relieves our franchisees of the daily grind. Probably our most powerful promise is that of exclusivity. Our locations are well researched and appointed to ensure equal business opportunities where no Cappuccino Xpress franchise is competing with another in their chosen territory.

We aim for all franchisees to see return on investment and business success within their first months of signing up with Cappuccino Xpress. Achieving this is not left to blind chance. At Cappuccino Xpress we provide our franchisees with all the necessary support in the form of intensive training from highly experienced trainers, highly targeted marketing as well as a product that is constantly being tested and improved to ensure the greatest customer satisfaction. All we ask our franchisees to bring to the party is a passion for coffee and the determination to succeed.

The Cappuccino Xpress model is designed to have you working within hours of receiving your specially designed and fully equipped coffee van. Plus, to ensure the process is as simple as possible, all vehicle, equipment and franchise costs are inclusive – there are no annoying add-ons and extras.  The day you receive the keys to your business, you own all your assets and you are ready to start earning money.