Your Business, Your Way

Cappuccino Xpress Coffee Van Franchises allow you to work less, earn more. It’s an age-old cliché, one that sounds too good to be true but is it possible? With the right amount of determination, a passion for people and the right support, it is a reality that many people across Australia are already experiencing. These people have cleverly invested in a coffee van franchise that delivers, one that is respected, supports them and that actually offers a high standard of living and a great lifestyle.

Imagine being your own boss. You would reap the benefits of your hard work so you would automatically work harder. Because you could control your hours you would be able to structure your days and finally achieve the ever-elusive work/life balance. Cappuccino Xpress franchisees work their own hours and inevitably have considerably more leisure time to spend with the family or pursue other interests.

The Cappuccino Xpress Coffee Van franchise business model is simple and it works. Consider just some of the benefits:

Flexibility: You are in charge of your hours, the days you work and what work you focus on – it’s your business and you are in control.

Being Rewarded For Your Work: The more hours you work the higher your income. It’s simple.

You Are Your Own Boss: You can be in control of your day-to-day work life.

Ongoing Support: Being a franchisee allows you to tap into almost a decade of experience in the mobile coffee business. You use a system that is proven to get results. You will have access to a franchisor who will assist you to establish your business, as well as offering experiential assistance along the way

An established brand: Utilising the power of an established brand means the hard work is done, also being part of a large group allows you to maximise your potential income

No Competition: You will own an exclusive territory carefully researched and designed to ensure plenty of business opportunities

100% Cash Business: No debtors, no lease requirements, no employees required and only minimal stock purchases required, guaranteeing you a very high profit margin