The Cappuccino Xpress Way

Cappuccino Xpress Coffee Vans offer exciting opportunities for go-getters and entrepreneurs to own their own mobile café. When purchasing a Cappuccino Xpress mobile coffee van franchise you are actually investing in an already successful business – your own. As part of getting you started, you are provided with all the tools necessary for your success. With a superior product, dedicated support and a failsafe system, you are actually buying into a strong business that is already successful. The earning potential of a Cappuccino Xpress coffee van is endless. All our territories have equal business opportunities that are limited only by your commitment to success and work ethic.

The Cappuccino Xpress business model has provided coffee van franchisees across Australia with the training, encouragement and support needed to make their business a success. Consider what your investment offers;

World Class Coffee: above all else we’re passionate coffee experts. Our aim is to offer the best coffee possible and our unique and high quality blend constantly receives high praise wherever we go

Marketing Support: you have 100% marketing support 100% of the time. The website, social media, 1300 number, marketing material such as posters, menus, uniforms, and more, mean you have all the tools necessary to build your business. We also generate event and customer leads for you!

A System that Works: exclusive defined territories, a powerful network of buyers, shared ideas, high quality business and marketing expertise, business support and a highly efficient stock supply system, not only saves you time and money but means the hard work is done – you just need to build your business and let us do the rest

A Strong Brand: freshness, quality and fantastic service. These values are synonymous with the Cappuccino Xpress brand, a brand that we have built up over the years, which is becoming increasingly known for its energy and purpose

Great opportunities: our fully equipped, totally self-sufficient Cappuccino Xpress mobile coffee van brings your regular customers a selection of coffees, teas and other beverages as well as café food items directly to their work place. The huge functions and events market also provides coffee van franchisees with another major source of income

Complete Training and Support: you do not need any prior experience to be successful. Once you have chosen your franchise territory, you will begin the training program. Comprehensive training is provided in the art of coffee making turning our franchisees into high quality baristas. You will also receive training in all aspects of managing a successful business.

Aside from buying a business, you are buying a mobile cafe. The vehicle and equipment received by all franchisees is industry best design and the coffee equipment is high-end commercial grade. Cappuccino Xpress provides assistance with stock purchasing, maintaining the equipment, helping you build and maintain a steady customer base, and is always on hand to provide any support you may require.